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It takes a friendly possum to pull it out for him. Its young hatches from a leathery-shelled egg then stays in the small, backward-facing pouch until its spines develop. If it is threatened, an echidna will roll up into a spiky ball on hard ground or dig quickly into soft ground.

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Platypuses are egg-laying mammals called monotremes. They live in burrows beside creeks and waterholes and have thick, waterproof fur that keeps them warm when they hunt for food under water. Pygmy-possums are approximately 7 cm long. The much larger brushtail possums are approximately 55 cm long. Both possums are nocturnal, tree-dwelling marsupials, native to Australia. However, when he returns to retrieve the wool, it has already been claimed by a satin bowerbird. The Australian magpie is a large butcher bird with a rich and musical song.

Maupassant Original Short Stories

The male satin bowerbird is known for decorating its bower, a nest of upright sticks, with bright blue objects. The dingo is a medium-sized wild dog brought to Australia from Asia years ago. Dingoes are found in all Australian States except Tasmania. They usually have ginger-coloured fur but may also be white or have black-and-tan colouring.

Even the spinifex hopping-mice ignore him as they gather their food. All that is about to change, as one day a huge monitor threatens all the mice and the ordinary brown lizard finally gets the chance to show them his true colours. When threatened, it opens its mouth wide displaying a bright yellow interior, and hisses loudly. Looking fierce, it also opens an impressive neck frill. One day, Ernie plays a trick that goes too far and upsets everyone. Ernie and Eddie fly away wondering why nobody laughs with them.

When they are gone, the others in the flock learn a valuable lesson, as do Ernie and Eddie. Galahs are well known for their silly antics.

They may hang from a branch upside down, by one foot, while flapping their wings and screeching loudly, only to be ignored by the rest of the flock. There are dangers everywhere he looks but are they real or imagined? Find out how Freddie finds a unique solution to avoid going batty!

Fruit bats, otherwise known as flying-foxes, hang upside down from their perches. Valves in their veins prevent blood from collecting in their brains. All he could think of was finding some time to himself — but that meant being alone. Kangaroos live in groups called mobs. Usually a large male kangaroo oversees a number of females and their young. While some kangaroos in the mob have their heads down grazing, others keep watch for danger. A kangaroo alone could easily fall prey to dingoes or other predators. The stories are written by Rebecca Johnson, a practising teacher, mother and wildlife carer.

Based on the 52 virtues, including caring, honesty, forgiveness and unity, these story books also feature type set in Beginners Alphabet and are specifically targeted to beginning and emergent readers. Wonderful Steve Parish photographs exemplify and give added dimension to the text. And dear, gentle Clover has a suprise in store for the drovers. Herds, or mobs, of cattle are sometimes moved from one place to another in search of feed. Working dogs, such as kelpies, are very useful on the farm. If they are trained correctly they can help move sheep and cattle from one part of the farm to another.

The farmer will use different whistles and commands depending on what the dogs are required to do. But the framer had a surprise in store for Thunder. Stockhorses are very intelligent and may live for up to thirty years. They help on the farm in many ways. They carry riders over long distances to inspect the farm and they may be used to round up sheep or cattle. A male pig is called a boar. A female pig, called a sow, may give birth to up to ten piglets in a litter. The smallest pig in a litter is called the runt. The farm may give smaller, weaker piglets milk in a bottle to help them grow and become strong.

The Devil and Daniel Webster

They grow very quickly in the first month and soon learn to eat grass. When they are 4—6 months old they are almost fully independent.

A Sherlock Holmes Adventure: The Devil's Foot

Foals have lots of energy and each day they explore and gain more confidence. He finally realises that there is nothing to be afraid of and tells his friends to be brave. Sheep are shorn once or twice a year in spring or autumn. A professional shearer can shear more then sheep in a day and can remove the fleece in less than five minutes. Chickens keep their eggs warm by sittting on them and only get up to eat and drink once a day.

The chickens in this book are called bantams. The brown hen and white hen are frizzle bantams. Ducklings freely move about the nest within 24 hours of hatching. Once the mother has checked that there are no predators, she will call the ducklings out of the nest to search for food.

They become independent after 56—70 days of care. Rebecca Johnson — Author.

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Steve Parish Story Book Collection. In Clever Clownfish, a lonely little fish leaves his anemone to travel across the reef in search of a friend. Turtle Tricks tells the tale of a clever little turtle who devises a plan to escape ever-present predators. In Cockatoo Calling, a sulphur-crested cockatoo overhears people talking about cutting down the dead trees in the paddock.

In Tree-Frog Tangles, a red-eyed tree-frog, from her home in the treetops, hears a wonderful sound. In Little Devils, the animals learn that courage is needed in times of danger, even if noisy Tasmanian devils can be hard to live with. In Wonderful Wallaby, a young bridled nailtail wallaby has been spotted by a hungry wedge-tailed eagle. In Brave Koala, a young koala decides he is ready to explore the world by himself. In Cheeky Kookaburra, a young kookaburra enjoys being the comedian of his family. In Little Penguins, two young brothers compete with each other in everything they do.

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In Spiky Echidna, a baby echidna gets a piece of wire caught in between his spines. In Splash the Platypus, Splash and the other platypuses learn that it can be useful to be a little bit different. In Frilled Friend, a frilled lizard thinks he is just ordinary and brown — there is nothing special about him. In Galah Games, Ernie and Eddie are two galahs that act silly and annoy the rest of the flock. Is Freddie seeing things?

Looking after a bunch of boisterous youngsters was taking its toll on Grandpa Kangaroo. Favourite Aussie animals embark on many different page-turning adventures.

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  4. The awards are given for the best work published in the preceding calendar year in the following categories: Novel, Novella, Novelette, Short Story, Single-Author Collection, and Edited Anthology. The jurors for the Shirley Jackson Awards are, alphabetically:. Chikodili Emelumadu is a writer and broadcaster living in Brighton, East Sussex. She is currently working on a short story collection, editing her first novel and is halfway through with its sequel. She tweets as chemelumadu. Michael Thomas Ford is the author of numerous books.