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Die erste Weltgeschichte der Ökologie. Die Ökologie ist das Signum unseres Zeitalters. Joachim Radkaus grandiose Darstellung lässt die neue Ära in ihrer.
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Medical shaker for Braun, Melsungen, design , production onwards. But it was precisely these typical consumer goods, such as household goods and furniture, for which there was of necessity great demand in the post-war period. Moreover, it was not until then that you could reveal your intellectual attitude, even if only in the private sphere. Press-ups and splits were indubitably a vital aspect in his efforts to chart a responsible and methodical path as an industrial designer. Just as large was his interest in problems of industrial production — not just in workshop manufacture, but above all in industrial mass production.

So zeugt die am 5. And it was precisely at this time — — on the fringe of the First International Design Congress in Darmstadt, organised by the German Design Council, that Kupetz began his first, still informal contacts to establish a career structure for industrial designers, contacts which he continued in at the Brussels World Fair. Thus the foundation of the VDID, which took place in Stuttgart on 5 August , was an expression, among other things, of a determination and an ability to follow consistently the path which it members deemed right.

From the angle of an independent career structure, it was no more than consistent that Kupetz, after working for two years as a freelance designer, accepted the opportunity in of building up the newly founded industrial design department at the Cassel School of Industrial Art, and of thus incorporating into the curriculum the career structure which had just been drawn up. Well known as a committed and doughty fighter, he developed his own career route, well supported by publications, not least to mark himself off from the Ulm school.

On the left WMF director Steybe. Art, which led in to the foundation of the Polytechnic of Art and Design. And after the closure of Ulm Polytechnic of Design, it was none other than this University and Polytechnic of Kassel which, with its lecturers and ex-students, played an essential part in forming German design in the s and s.

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In Kupetz succeeded Wilhelm BraunFeldweg as Professor of Product Design at the Polytechnic of Arts in Berlin, where he taught until his retirement as emeritus, while of course working — at the same time — as a designer for industry. Kupetz made vital contributions to German design, both as a designer himself, and as a teacher — but always discretely, in a very reserved way. And perhaps, along with his mineral-water bottle, his work for the laboratory-equipment and hospital-supplies manufacturer B.

Florian Hufnagl ist the leading director of Die Neue Sammlung — national museum of applied arts in Munich.

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Models for washing-up liquid Pril , for Henkel, design Milk jug for fridge Macrolon for Schumm, design , production onwards. Crispbread box Macrolon, top: Plexigum for Schumm, design , production onwards. Bread box for Restaurants Plexigum for Schumm, design , production onwards.

Spice rack Macrolon for Schumm, design , production onwards. Juice jug and tumblers Plexigum for Schumm, design , production onwards. Vacuum moulded packaging plastic for WMF, design , production onwards. Packaging for Amalgan plastic for Dr. Walter und Schmitt GmbH, design , production onwards. Packaging for whisky glasses cardboard for WMF, design , production onwards.

Table phone with interchangeable keypad and telephone dial for AEG Telefunken, design in collaboration with Hans Walter Glebocki , production onwards. Three legged stool metal with walnut seat for WMF, design , production onwards. Oil kiln for Warsteiner Eisenwerke, design , production onwards. Chicken grill for Wienerwald Restaurants, design , production onwards. Storage system for writing desks: cigarette and cigar boxes case: Araldit, top: stainless steel for WMF, design , prototype.

Storage system for writing desks: ashtray Araldit and stainless steel for WMF, design , prototype. Storage system for writing desks: cigarette box and ashtray case: Araldit, top: stainless steel for WMF, design , prototype. Maertens, Funck K. Draft of a sole profile for work shoes with air cushion sole rubber for Dr. Table lighter for Consul, design , production onwards. Model of a salt and pepper pot case: Araldit, staple: stainless steel for WMF, design , production onwards.

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Salt and pepper pots stainless steel for WMF, design , production onwards. Rack for pretzels and pretzel sticks, for WMF, design , production onwards. Pretzel rack for WMF, design , production onwards. Wie gesagt, kein eigentlich konkretes Bild, aber gleichwohl eine absolut unverwechselbare Vorstellung, die so eben nur mit dieser Dekade assoziiert werden kann.

As I say, not a specific picture, but at the same time an absolutely unmistakable impression, which can immediately be associated with this decade. And indeed it does not often happen that a real object corresponds one hundred per cent to these associations. For our imaginations are not only influenced by thousands of kidney shaped tables, rear spoilers and petticoats; the words of pop songs, film sequences or the slightly excitable voice of the news commentator are at least as important in defining the ethos. And all that in an unpretentious little pretzel rack. A la bonheur!

Final Fantasy 7 [German] - Die Geschichte

Volker Albus is an architect and designer, professor at the Karlsruhe State University of Design and author of many books and articles. Horst Michel, u. Dazu suchten wir Gleichgesinnte.

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This was at the time of the inauguration of the Hansa quarter in Berlin. And the Darmstadt Discussions had already taken place. Horst Michel. I remember sitting at table with them and the interesting conversations we had. Then we went on to Berlin and were held up for a few hours at the border in East Germany because of a few Spanish guests on our bus, so that we did not arrive in Berlin until late in the night. The meeting in the German Pavilion proved to be the beginnings of our plan to found a German design association.

We were looking for like-minded spirits. Denn kaum wissen die heutigen Verantwortlichen von den Problemen der damaligen Zeit. We immediately had it recorded in the register of official associations in Stuttgart. By the same token, I was nominated and elected by our colleagues as President and you as General Manager.

Environmental History Classics (38 books)

Later, Prof. Hirche from Stuttgart replaced me and asked me to take over the role of General Manager. Then we managed to win the services of Dr. For those in charge today have hardly any idea of the problems we had then. May you enjoy the best of health and may our lively, mutual friendship continue for a long time to come. Works sketch for labelling pressed glass, At the time, I had the opportunity, as chairman of the artistic advisory committee, to lay down and justify the design requirements.

The water bottle is a well-known design product industrial design for me. As I look back on everything again now, I appreciate what a great honour it is to find representation on a stamp. Karl Oskar Blase Prof. Butter plates for WMF, design , production onwards. Damals wie heute ist der Prozess der Formgebung das verbindende Element der einzelnen Disziplinen. Zum Beispiel die organisch geformten Hohlwaren der WMF, die den Zeitgeschmack getroffen haben und beachtliche Markterfolge erzielen konnten.

With his outstanding and surprising designs he significantly moulded the image of the WMF, not just in its products, but as a creative all-rounder. This world-wide dialogue, involving partners in architecture, design, marketing, trend identification, sociology, the media and the food sciences, is a major component of the WMF design philosophy.

Today design managers maintain this dialogue in the conflicting field of creativity and systematics. Then, as now, the process of design is the linking element between the individual disciplines. The mediator between production and market, between man and product. Design makes ideas visible and tangible, and thus capable of discussion.

For example, his organically shaped hollow ware for the WMF, which accurately hit the taste of the period and gained considerable market success. Herzlichen Dank.

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  8. Through a collegiate style of management — an innovation at this time — he succeeded in forming a powerful team around himself. He was regarded as an affable man, was highly regarded and greatly liked, and did a great deal for the further design training of his staff. He considered it natural that his staff should visit trade fairs, museums and exhibitions.

    An exotic in the great Mayer studio? Even today the modellers — called design masters in those days — are still partners for our internal and external designers in their quest for good design. Traditional handicraft and expertise, a feeling for design developed over many years, linked with the most modern CAD technology, all give form to a multitude of ideas. Today this holistic approach is an established part of WMF brand management. Product concepts, design, function, brand communication, marketing, service, sales and POS are all oriented towards a brand philosophy with a clearly defined brand core. Brand performance is a unique mixture of expertise and a convincing concept. Since the WMF has been working on how to make cooking, eating and drinking into an experience. With best wishes for the future.