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Droll Stories V2 [Honore De Balzac] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. This scarce antiquarian book is a facsimile reprint of the original.
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May 24, Frankie rated it liked it Shelves: french. For those unfamiliar with Balzac, he's one of the first realist writers of his time. Most of his work is vulgar and broad, but set in a time when vulgarity was a part of life. While most of the stories contain subtle filth on bodily functions and bedroom escapades, it's not difficult to understand, even in translation.

It's all quite entertaining, and broad though it may be, still lends to For those unfamiliar with Balzac, he's one of the first realist writers of his time. It's all quite entertaining, and broad though it may be, still lends to an appropriate feeling of familiarity with the era the writer's 19th century or the fictional 13th century, or anywhere in between. It wasn't all farts and tresses and entrails, however.

Droll Stories [V. 2]

Overall, I found it light reading and worthy of my time. I recommend it to anyone weary of unrealistic, morally-bound pre-victorian literature. May 24, Spencer rated it liked it Shelves: classics , foreign , short-stories.

I read a version that was printed in It was very much about ribaldry and cuckoldry, and thus very French. The short stories are all written as if they took place in the 15th century—the time of Rabelais. I found it very entertaining, humorous, and titillating in a very refined manner.

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I loved these stories and I loved Balzac's crazy interludes where he tries to reason about why he's writing them. Some of them are just begging to be stage productions and are very amusing. Definitely not for prudish people, but also excellent for those interested in a version of historical France.

Apr 20, Rosecasanova rated it really liked it. I'm reading the Black and Gold edition published by Liveright.

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No illustrations, but cool book. I'm reading the stories randomly out of order. I think they're really funny and refreshing and in fact pretty ridiculous. Kind of an old fashioned innocent-humor, but I'm pretty old, and innocent, so it works for me.

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Oct 17, Jonathan rated it did not like it. I gave up after a few stories, or, to be more precise, after the same story several times. I can only describe it as some sort of 19th century comedy verging on becoming a play, edited by Jack Black. Jan 31, Andre rated it really liked it. This is a very thick compilation of 30 short stories by French classical writer Honore de Balzac.

Famous artist Gustave Dore does the illustrations. Herrliche Geschichten.

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Zeigt die doppelmoral der damaligen Zeit. Feb 07, Nan Silvernail rated it liked it. A Medieval romp through the high castles and low morals of France. Some merry, some sad, all instructive. Only one pilgrim tells these tales, but they are rich as Chaucer's. He was not a beauteous as Scheherazade but he could well tell a tale.

Fill a tankard and wade right in. The trough of all humanity is just fine. But some lovely innocent flowers as well. The tribe of A Medieval romp through the high castles and low morals of France. The tribe of the Cuckolds is increased. Ladies turn the tables on their husbands. But then again, True Love can sometimes conquer all.

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This ebook is a different translation than the physical book I have. It was interesting and instructive to see the differences. It was also a different experience to read it at 50 years of age when the last time I read it, I was around The tale called The Succubus was still a long slog for the moral. Innocence is a wonderfully sweet little tidbit. One must remember that during this time most of the world's leaders were not more than teenaged, and it does show, as in The Merrie Jests of King Louis the Eleventh. Still, it is an amusing read. Mar 15, Paul Parsons rated it liked it.

Reminiscent of the Canterbury tales, these ribald stories told from the French perspective over two hundred years ago, sometimes lost me in their style and wordiness. Balzac speaks to the reader, sometimes in second person, dragging you out of the narrative and into his world mid sentence.

The text is clever and flowery, as it had to be in that day and age, when addressing sexuality so boldly.

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Good reader for those who study the history of writing styles. I think that my edition is not this one listed here, but nevertheless my thoughts on de Balzac have stayed the same- I hate him, his style, everything. These stories are all over the place, vulgar and quite frankly they are supposed to be funny, but they are not. I'm giving up on de Balzac, but maybe I'll find some of his work that I'll like, but it's not gonna be any time soon. Sorry not sorry. Aug 21, David rated it really liked it. These stories present a much different Balzac than the one I'm used to.

Much more the entertaining farce than the honest portrayal of human striving and suffering at the different levels of society. Seems a bit awkward too, trying to mimic a bit much the older style of stories. Still fun to read, though. A classical book that is worth reading. Relatively sex oriented to be that old.

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I have a privately printed edition with nice color plates titled Ten Droll Tales. Mar 01, Tamar rated it liked it. The Collected Stories 2. War Stories BK 2. Short Stories Vol 2. Short Stories vol. Graded Go Problems for Beginners: Vol. Recommend Documents. Sahlawayhi 1: Graded Stories for Beginners Stories for Thinking Children 2 C hildren!

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