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Marriage As It Was Meant To Be [Lance Ralston] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Foundation and goal of your marriage. What it means to.
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Bryan's strengths are providing examples and anecdotes to emphasize his points and bring additional clarity. I also appreciated the additional editorial comments provided by his wife Kathy. Apr 14, Joseph Knowles rated it it was amazing Shelves: christianity-religion. Highly recommended. Jan 08, Christina rated it it was amazing Recommends it for: engaged couples, married couples.

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Shelves: marriage , christianity. A challenge to husbands and wives to live for Christ in their marriages. If seeing God glorified is our top priority, Paul's instructions for husbands to love and lead and for wives to respect and submit will be goals we will joyfully pursue. This is a beautifully written explanation of headship and submission with plenty of scriptural backing. Initially this means that the message of the Bible should make a daily appearance in our homes through family devotions, church participation, and personal conversation. We add to our esteem of them. This mystery takes concrete form in marriage when we patiently endure one another's fears and foolishness, refuse to use strengths to take advantage of another's weaknesses, enable each to fulfill responsibilities, cheer one another's dreams, comfort each other's sorrows, work to understand each other's needs, and forgive one another.

View 1 comment. Feb 06, Natalie rated it it was ok. I read it for a book study we are doing at church. I think this book is good for new Christians entering into marriage. I did not like the section on parenting, as I thought it came across as extremely smug and judgemental, especially regarding children from single parent homes. Granted, I have a bit of a bias when it comes to defending those children, but even so, I found the blanket generalizations regarding those children to be quite shocking indeed. A great book for the married couple.

Well nuanced theologically, and as one would expect from Chapell, well illustrated and pastoral. This is a great read for married couples and those about to be married. For a fuller review of "Each for the Other" follow this link.

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Sep 17, Robert Murphy rated it liked it Shelves: library , marriage. This is a good book for a particular audience. Is you are a conservative Christian, you will enjoy this book. I think, however, as a conservative Christian, that marriage is for everyone, not just Christians. As the institution of marriage changes all around us, it is Italy important that Christians consider the broad context and be able to articulate a view of marriage that outsiders can understand.

This book will not help you do that. It may also be a cultural issue. My Bible Belt friends like This is a good book for a particular audience. My Bible Belt friends like this book, and it seems to help them with their patriarchal issues. I guess this is just not the world I live in. View 2 comments. Dec 09, Lincoln Forlong rated it it was amazing. This is a fine read, wrtten in everyday language, that inspires both husbands and wives to avale themselves of God's resources for a life long satisfying and fulfilling marriage.

The Chapells do an excellent job of explaining the God designed roles for husband and wife. Their many biblical explanations are accurate to Scripture while being accompanied by relative real life examples. This book is a profitable read, encouraging yet challenging. I highly recomend this book to all married couples! The This is a fine read, wrtten in everyday language, that inspires both husbands and wives to avale themselves of God's resources for a life long satisfying and fulfilling marriage.

The truths unfolded can only build up, strengthen and motivate a mutually satisfying and joyful marriage. May 31, Kenneth rated it it was amazing Shelves: marriage-parenting-family. This is a great little book on marriage and parenting. It basically is an exposition of Ephesians It looks at the role of a husband, then wife, and finally children and parents.

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It was very nicely written and reads quickly but packs a lot of great information and would really help one begin forming a theology of marriage and parenting. Jul 16, RGM rated it it was amazing. A clear and cogent case for biblical marriage, Each for the Other provides a solid glimpse of how marriage should be--husbands and wives serving each other, each laying down his or her life for the other. Chapell offers a solid antidote to the increasingly popular sentiment in our culture that disparages the roles of men and women in marriage and blurs the distinction between the two.

If you want to know how to have a joyful, God-honoring marriage, read this book! Feb 26, J. Alfred rated it liked it. This was a good one, though it was oddly written: the syntax was all over the place and the illustrations Chappel uses are out of control.

It was like hearing a long, sort of deafening sermon. There is good stuff in it, however, specifically about what it means to be the "head" of a marriage in a biblically honoring way. Mar 20, Kate rated it it was amazing.

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I hear the authors present this material at a marriage conference at our church. It was singularly the best discussion of headship and submission that I've ever heard; in short, that headship is the use of authority in service to another, and that submission is the exercise of all of one's gifts for the completion of another.

I think this is my favorite book on marriage I've read. Source: Marriage and Family class at Moody Response: Much more text-booky than Love and Respect, which was good, but took a little longer to read.

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Oct 01, Philip P. Wonderful book on Christian marriage, with focus on husbands and wife's roles. Between this and Christopher ash I'd use this for pre-marital counseling and Ash for a study with the already married. Not sure which I like better.

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Jan 01, Jon added it. I haven't read many books on marriage, but I think this one is excellent. Very convicting at times. I reread that this book after being married for a year and a half. A great and humbling reminder. Jul 18, Jan rated it it was ok. I didn't finish this one -- I read the chapters on expectations for husbands and wives but thought I'd skip the chapters on family for now.

I found it a bit dry but sound and grounded in Scripture. Great book on marriage that takes our sinfulness and the joys of marriage seriously. I feel like I'd benefit from reading it once a year. Also, tons of great sermon illustrations in here. Mar 03, Kevin rated it really liked it. A challenge to husbands and wives to live their lives sacrificially for the other.

Dec 28, Kayla rated it really liked it.

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My husband and I had to read this book for our before marriage counciling and it is an amazing book. It does a great job of explaining what marriage is supposed to be.

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  • Apr 19, Courtney rated it really liked it. A wonderful insight to couples about to be marrid. Oct 08, Luke rated it it was amazing. Great book on Godly marriage.