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Then I'll try my best to make everything succeed [Chorus 2] Tell me, what is my life without your love? Tell me, who am I without you by my side? [Verse 1] What I .
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With great difficulty! I position myself within these pieces of workout equipment and use the strength I have developed over the years along with a tremendous will, and I do it.

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But I tremble and shake afterward. Because I do not have normal sensation in my left arm and hand, it is almost impossible for me to squeeze anything. Yet I strap my hands onto the heaviest weights I can and I lift. I have made the choice in my journey with MS to not let it define me or my goals, no matter what I have to endure. I have learned with much pain and many setbacks that no matter what cards MS deals me, I will not give up my passion for the gym or stop calling myself a bodybuilder.

Just the other day, my MS symptoms were so troublesome that I had to hold onto anything I could as I went from machine to machine in the gym to keep from falling over.

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I must have fallen back two or three times at every station. I am not suggesting that my way is the right way for everyone to conquer MS. But I am encouraging everyone with MS to find what they love, set goals, and let MS be their motivation to succeed , not their excuse to fail or to do nothing.

I no longer drive on the freeways of Southern California, because I may just hit a car that is blocked from sight by the black hole I see through my left eye. When flying on a plane, which I often do, I sit in an aisle seat and as close to a bathroom as I can, so that when I think I have to go, I can get there quickly. News flash! I am not symptom free because I look like I am. I am not Superman because I do what I do.

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I am a MSer who suffers every day with the same weird vibrations, numbness, pain, fatigue, and symptoms we all face. Multiple Sclerosis. Todos Rock Gospel Sertanejo Mais. Aplicativos e plugins.

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