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Synopsis. An out of work thespian living in rented accommodation and mixing with characters he does not understand as he tries his hand at a variety of menial .
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We clambered down some broken steps into a brick-walled yard, the sound of approaching engines bouncing off the walls. Across the road people were waiting on the steps of The Potteries Museum and a guard of honour in blue berets stood to attention. Suddenly, there they were, two Spitfires, one after another, so low you could see the light gleam on their cockpit glass. They swooped over the rooftops, banked and flew into the distance.

The roar of the engines diminished then resumed as they hurtled back for a second pass. He dropped his head thoughtfully. I thought of him, alone amidst the throb and roar of his machine, heading dutifully towards each encounter.

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As the train neared his destination his heart sank further and further. A few months later, he had to make the same journey again, with news of the loss of the second son. One all tiered pews and confident pulpit, with a thin communion rail beneath. The other an eccentric construction of decorated blue Staffordshire brick. One dusty and devout, the other full of an almost Mediterranean light.

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They have lightened up the interior of Holy Trinity over the years. Old photographs show how cluttered and crepuscular it used to be. In context, though, it has a kind of garish appeal. The whole of the RC Church seems to have undergone a good taste by-pass at some point in its history. It's part of its charm. Holy Trinity has a lurid replica of the statue of Our Lady of Walsingham and various competent but uninspiring sculptures.

It's light and airy though and has a strangely homely feel. The parish has a fascinating tale to tell. Holy Trinity was among the first RC churches to be built after Catholic Emancipation in and the first to be built on a main road. One of the things I like about Catholicism and Orthodoxy come to that is its matter-of-factness. They make no bones about it.

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I imagined mischievous and screaming kids running around in the presence of a holy relic. We Prots are squeamish about all this stuff, of course, but I sometimes wonder whether we could learn from the everyday, kitchen-sink piety of our more Catholic brothers and sisters? I can imagine Fr Egan and the stolid burghers of Bethesda Methodist Chapel comparing notes even now and looking down and commenting on what the rest of us are up to.

I hope they appreciate that people continue to care for the buildings they helped establish, and the faith they represent. Two towns, two chapels — above us only sky? Or the same heaven overhead?

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Sunday, 26 August Why Whitchurch? Where have you been this summer? Scuba diving off the Great Barrier Reef or snorkelling off Skegness? I was one of the cynics it won over. These things are not my natural milieu but I thoroughly enjoyed them. I also visited Dove Cottage, and paid my respects to the Wordsworths at their family plot in Grasmere church yard. Why Whitchurch? Well, my eldest went camping there with some of her pals. She seemed to like it. Seriously, poor old over-looked Whitchurch is trying very hard to get itself noticed.

There are boot-print motifs on posters in shop and pub windows telling you how it suitable it is for walkers and hikers. The place is trying its hardest.

A few Roman artefacts in a sand-pit from when it was Mediolanum , the settlement in the middle of the plain. It boasts a short section of the Llangollen canal, the grave of Sir John Talbot killed in the last engagement of the Hundred Years War and a railway station. Whitchurch was once the hub of a thriving branch-line before the Beeching cuts. Was it worth stopping?

We need the small market towns where nothing much happened, where no battles were fought and no-one of sufficient note was born to put the place on the tourist map. I wonder why Will we go back? Yes, we will, perhaps on the way back from the Welsh borders or passing by one languid afternoon. Glad that we could return.

Sunday, 1 July 'Real Bloomsbury'? Real Mac'? Support small publishers. They reach the parts others do not reach. Check them out. The titles beg some questions, of course. But you get the idea. The clue is in the title.

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He flicked through the pages, looking for it. But it is there. Another question begged — why Bloomsbury?

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Might it be because the London Welsh have their Headquarters here, just on the boundary between Bloomsbury and Clerkenwell? The Welsh are there. There in Llundain , chief city of the Island of the Mighty. They are there in Bloomsbury among the academics and the students, the guest-houses and hotels, the hospitals and the headquarters of all manner of wierd and wonderful organisations.

For that reason, and many others, Bloomsbury deserves the Seren treatment. Perhaps all towns do. Even Swindon. Nov 12, Apr 15, Past, Present And Future is a seriously wonderful album. Year of the cat OK and Time Passages average. I was wrong of course. Marskers Dec 10, Nov 15, Thanks for an excellent background, Sleepycat.

Its still hard to believe someone else knows who he is. Thirty years of empty stares at the mention. And then maybe, Oh, yeah, that Year of the Cat guy. Change conversation.

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Kind of like The Church. I didnt realize that The Church had been compared to Al. So heres my epic ramble I will probably always remain a transient for this Out of the works, there are three 5-star albums and YotC isn't one of them, not that I would have any unkind words for it. Bar Conversation. This finds Al doing the history he does so well.

With Laurence Juber, a wonderful acoustic collection of songs that recall the mood, events and characters of that fascinating era. Today I feel like Dorothy Parker.. Sea and sky come together In a hazy kiss out on the ocean Europe seems a foreign notion Hardly thought of.. An SK cover of Roads to Moscow? I dont want to miss that!! And the evening sighs and the steely Russian skies go on forever. And Brian, Neil Tennant and Al twin voices?